Friday, October 7, 2011


I DON'T JUICE 100% OF THE TIME. I can't because of a strange work schedule. But I do see myself heading toward a more healthy lifestyle because of juicing. One advantage juicing has given me is more sensitivity to how foods affect me. I ate pizza a few days ago, topped with a few pepperonis and lots of cheese, and I felt a heaviness in my gut for two days.

Before juicing I wouldn't have noticed. After inhaling the pizza I didn't sleep well for a couple of days either. So as much as I love pizza I'm reassessing how much pizza I want to eat. I'm not banning pizza it's just that my healthy eating mentality seems to be taking over because I just want to feel good. It's as if my body is giving me a choice between feeling good while eating or feeling good while not eating.

I think juicing is going to be the backbone of my dieting strategy, not because it is so delicious, but because of how it makes me feel. Time will tell.

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