Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why You Can't Lose Weight, Part 2

In order for companies to get people to consume food with processed oils they have to add sugars, MSG, and other preservatives and additives. Otherwise it would taste so bad you wouldn't eat it. McDonald's adds High Fructose Corn Syrup to its hamburger buns, its pickles, catsup, and yes, even its hamburger. All sugars are bad (with the exception of honey) because they have been processed and stripped from the fiber that would make the sugar real food.

In addition to having no fiber corn syrup has naturally occurring MSG. Although MSG occurs in corn, soy beans, and some sea weed it is essentially a drug that makes you think your food is not stale. It is one of the "natural" ingredients that can permeate the blood/brain barrier. Because the FDA allows it to be listed as "natural flavoring" corn syrup is a favorite of the industrial food industry because they can add sweetener and MSG at the same time.